TSPE Dallas Young Engineer of the Year Awards

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Corey Wirkman, P.E.

Corey Wirkman, PE

2022 Young Engineer of the Year Recipient

Corey is a Structural Engineer currently working in the Transportation Bridge Design Group with experience in the planning, layout, design, and plan production of transportation structures for multiple state DOTs, toll road authorities, transit authorities, municipalities, and private entities. He has diverse engineering experience in the design and analysis of concrete and steel structures including bridges for highway and rail transit, pedestrian bridge substructures, retaining walls, temporary shoring walls, drainage structures, and overhead sign supports.

His career includes small on- and off-system bridge replacements, bridge widenings, multi-level complex interchanges, and fast-paced large-scale design-build projects. He also has experience leading tasks for various bridge projects, including the complete planning, layout, design, and plan production for several design-build bridges as well as leading the effort on construction-phase coordination between the client and structures group on both design-build and design-bid-build projects.

Corey's design experience spans several states and has involved extensive work with other companies and structural teams. He has experience with AASHTO, AISC, ACI, TxDOT Specifications, DART Specifications, and California seismic design.

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