The Benefits of TSPE Membership

TSPE Dallas Chapter Awards
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Continuing Education

Access to 15 FREE WEBINARS for continuing education credit.

The PE Institute offers members live educational events, webinars and conferences to members at a discounted rate.


Each year, the Dallas Chapter of NSPE-TX brings together engineering colleagues, clients, and vendors to make important connections at Engineers Week Luncheon. Join us at our monthly chapter meetings to make key contacts, while staying informed about issues in Texas. Leadership and volunteer opportunities offer many options for positive participation within your community.


Legislative and Governmental Affairs Director Jennifer McEwan serves as TSPE's lobbyist to monitor daily developments at the Capitol. She also provides technical information to the lawmakers to assist them in their decision-making process. Call her at (800) 580-8973 or (512) 472-9286 for information on legislation and political candidates. Her TSPE mailing address is: P.O. Box 2145, Austin, Texas 78768.

Career Advancement:

NSPE's Job Board and Career Center helps PEs make their next career move and assists employers in finding licensed PEs and top engineering talent.

For more information about your NSPE member benefits and how NSPE functions on a national level, refer to the official NSPE website.