TSPE Dallas Young Engineer of the Year

Tyler Huynh, EIT, CFM

Tyler Huynh, EIT, CFM

2024 Young Engineer of the Year Recipient

Mr. Tyler Huynh has over four years of extensive experience and knowledge of preparing project scopes, delivery plan sets and budgets, hydraulic/hydrologic design, H&H reports, managing cost estimates, and feasibilities studies for transportation drainage design and water resources development projects. He currently serves as lead design engineer for TRC Inc. and has actively taken assistant project management responsibilities.

Tyler’s career began in Dallas, Texas after graduating from Southern Methodist University in May 2019 with an Environmental Engineering degree. He held numerous positions in the student chapters of TSPE and ASCE, respectively. He started at Lina T Ramey Associates (LTRA) as a project engineer working on various water resources projects. He attributes his growth to the project managers and designers along the way that set a great learning foundation. Currently, Tyler works on significant solar projects and floodplain studies around the nation providing great service to the clients for TRC Inc.

Tyler participates in volunteer activities in Dallas TSPE and ASCE in addition to Greenspace Dallas. He held various positions such as ASCE Sustainability/EWRI Activities Coordinator and Technical Co-chair Student Activities. Volunteer events include Future Cities, MATHCOUNTS, and For the Love of the Lake.

Tyler just took a solo travelling sabbatical where he visited Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea. In those areas, he enjoyed exploring the city, hiking, and engaging with the local people. He hopes to go to more countries in the future!

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